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15th-Jul-2004 11:02 am - hello
i'm lizo! i was raised by chefs. my mom went to culinary school and my dad was taught by his parents the art of cooking, and my stepmom is a wine rep (so she sells fancy yummy wine to fancy yummy restaurants) so i'm well-versed so far as... i picked up knowledge here and there. mostly i just know what i like.

for starters, a smoothie i just made.

a banana
a dash of half & half
handful of frozen raspberries
handful of frozen blueberries
like half a cup of skim milk
two chopped up mini carrots
handful of blackberries
a splash of lemonade
some honey

it was good!

that is all.

22nd-Jan-2004 09:59 pm - grapefruit
grapefruit from texas is supposed to be fantastic this season.

it seems rather uncommon, but i am looking for a grapefruit pie or tart recipe. anybody have any to share?
moi 12/07
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